About Us


SMARTEK COMPUTER ESTABLISHMENT is the leading Information Technology Company in Kuwait Established May 2004, mainly playing in both the retail and wholesale markets of IT products in Kuwait. Our mission in SMARTEK COMPUTER EST. is providing the whole market in Kuwait with latest in the world when it comes to computer and IT related products through our extensive business alliances, and distribution agreements with worldwide leader in IT products all over the world.

SMARTEK COMPUTER ESTABLISHMENT has been highly active in the distribution of world most famous and elite brand names as Toshiba, HP-Compaq, ACER, DELL, HP, APPLE, Epson printers, SONY, Logitech, Targus, Seagate and Western Digital peripheries.

As for the Retail business, SMARTEK COMPUTER EST. is currently planning and executing a comprehensive strategy, and tactics towards expanding its retail network to be the most state of the art one stop shop IT retailer in Kuwait. While the wholesale business has been the corner stone of SMARTEK COMPUTER EST for the last 14 years through our highly experienced and competent sales team, and our extensive distribution networks that covers more than 80% of wholesale dealers in Kuwait market, we are also working on optimizing and expanding our network of distributors to cover the whole market.

SMARTEK COMPUTER EST.’s business strategy success had been its key business model, which distinguishes SMARTEK COMPUTER EST. from its competitors, with a diversified focus on unlimited product range, lean structure, efficient logistics, flexible operations and entrepreneurial management.

SMARTEK COMPUTER EST has within a short time evolved into a customer-responsive, well-diversified techno-savvy organization offering total solutions at most innovative prices, to drive home the point that right services can be provided at the right price by the most competitive company to its customers.


                        HAWALLY, KUWAIT.

                        Tel: +96522667457, 22667492

                        Fax: +96522667492

                        Email: Sales@stckwt.com      

                        Website: www.stckwt.com