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Introducing Windows 8 Pro - delivering new levels of integration, security, and productivity, all without sacrificing performance or choice. Windows 8 Pro is built for business and compatible with life.

Every aspect of Windows 8 Pro was designed and built to meet the demands of your business, and your life. It starts with the completely re-imagined experience of Windows 8 where an intuitive interface puts the things you rely on most right in front of you. But the true power of Windows 8 Pro comes from its core collection of business-centric features that help you.

The new Start screen has all of the information you care about in one place, such as your contacts, the weather, and the next appointment on your calendar. Windows 8 is truly yours: websites, news, people, contacts, and your favorite apps are front and center. Because you decide how to organize and group things on the screen, viewing and interacting with content is faster than ever. The tiles on your Start screen are brimming with content, and they change and update in real time so you can see what’s going on and stay on top of things.

Windows 8 is hands-on and designed to eliminate the need to choose between this and that.. Between consumption and productivity, between powerful capabilities and long battery life. … between touch and mouse and keyboard, for example. Because you work in different ways depending on which app you’re using, Windows 8 makes it easy to use touch or mouse and keyboard, whichever method works best. And the most efficient way to get stuff done is immediately available. Whether you’re browsing apps, reading a book, or typing on the go with touch, creating a project that requires the more productive horsepower of a traditional mouse and keyboard, or doing everything at once, Windows 8 makes it easy. You use whatever works best, whenever it works best. No tradeoffs.

Windows 8 also incorporates the familiar PC desktop that you know today. In the desktop, you’ll see that the settings and features you used in Windows 7 are still there.

Apps are the heart of Windows 8. Windows 8 provides you with built in apps, and access to the Windows store where you can easily browse, try, buy and manage apps for thousands of apps. The majority of your existing apps that run on Windows 7 will run on Windows 8.

Windows 8 is cloud-connected. Your Microsoft account is like a portable, personal PC that appears on any Windows 8 device you’re using. Sign in to your Windows 8 device with your Microsoft account and you’re immediately connected to the people, files, and settings you care about. Your PC comes to life with all the things that make Windows yours, including your Start page, themes, language preferences, browsing history, and browser favorites. You can connect your favorite services to your Microsoft account, too—services like Microsoft Hotmail, Microsoft Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. And you can immediately get to your photos, docs, and other files, whether they’re on Microsoft SkyDrive, Facebook, Flickr, or other services.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 32bit (OEM)

  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Product Code: Software Ms Windows 8 32bit
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  • KD40.000

  • 5 or more KD38.000